Are Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects true?

  1. WHO — VigiAccess

Adverse drug reactions indicate the total number of times the vaccine failed.

Covid Vaccine Total Adverse drug reactions are 3082992 in the past two years (2020–2022).

Rotavirus vaccine Total Adverse drug reactions are 68327 from the past two decades (2000–2021).

Polio vaccine Total Adverse drug reactions are 123394 from the past five decades (1968–2021).

Compare the above ADR’s, it makes sense right? Think about the long-term side effects (at least 3years down the line from now).

There is no accurate data from India.

2. These reports are published by Eudravigilance European Database of Suspected Adverse Drug

a) Background of Eudravigilance

b) Go to the following link, we can access the covid individual vaccine adverse effects.

I made a crisp version for the above.

In the below bar graphs, the dark pink color represents the serious and red represents non-serious health issues caused by covid vaccines.

The above metrics can be seen clearly in the below Gdrive.

3) Data from Scotland :

Why second, booster shot killing the people, watch this video.

Some more, supporting facts in the next article.


It is your own due diligence to take these experimental jabs or not.



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